Marcus Hanish, a Master Stylist in downtown San Diego, California at Salon De Marcus. He has had multiple celebrity clients as well as many loving repeat clients. He has done segments on and with KUSI and FOX. Recently he launched his fashion career as a couture dress designer and opened his boutique. You can catch him at several stylist events like Paul Mitchell Signature in Las Vegas, and other shows in New York, California, and Europe, as well as fashion shows. In addition to cut and color, he offers special services including hair extensions, Keratin treatments, bridal and wedding hair services, and men’s grooming. He was the Director for Robert Cromeans Men’s Salon in Pacific Beach and Mandalay Bay in Las Vegas where he developed the T-3 experience, which expanded Paul Mitchell’s Tea Tree product line. He was an instructor and educator at the Paul Mitchell School in San Diego. Also managed the men’s grooming segment during Paul Mitchell's international platform shows.

Mission Statement

De Marcus LLC is a success driven manufacturer of an upscale clothing line targeted at men, women and children of all ages to include handicap. De Marcus not only develops the clothing line, but supports it with advertising and promotion campaigns. De Marcus is actively engaged in ending world hunger by donating proceeds to Project Feeding Kids that helps feed hungry children. The company plans to strengthen its partnership with Nordstrom and retailers by developing brand awareness. De Marcus intends to market its line as an alternative to existing clothing lines, and differentiate itself by marketing strategies, exclusiveness, and high brand awareness.

The key message associated with the De Marcus line is classy, upscale, versatile, and lifestyle clothing. The company's promotional plan is diverse and includes a range of marketing communications. In the future, the company hopes to develop lines of accessories for men, women, and children. These accessories will include cologne/perfume, jewelry, eyewear, watches, candles etc.

The De Marcus strategy is to aggressively develop and market a full range collection to consumers with disabilities. There is a form of prejudice in our society that surrounds disability -- a discomfort, a subtle fear of that which is different and unfamiliar. It manifests as pity, avoidance or mockery. When we see someone with a profound disability, a fleeting thought occurs: "What if that were me?" from which we quickly turn with a shudder. Naturally, many people, especially young people, tend to avoid those who make us feel uncomfortable or guilty. Not knowing how to act or respond to someone very different can be scary, especially for a young person. De Marcus wants to take initiative and change society stereotype by bringing value with his brand.


De Marcus will design and manufacture Men’s & Women’s dress shirt for disabled individuals. This market segment is usually neglected, and thus provides a unique opportunity to gain incredible market share almost instantly. These fashion shirts will be designed in-house at De Marcus, we will source the best materials available and have manufactured in Turkey. By dedicating our efforts to filling this unusual void in the fashion industry, De Marcus and Nordstrom both stand to benefit greatly.

The demographic for these fashion shirts would be disabled individuals and youth, that cannot usually find high fashion in their unique size requirements. This is the group we would market these amazing quality dress shirts to. This endeavor provides the opportunity to give back to a community in need, and would allow both De Marcus and Nordstrom’s to become inclusive to all shapes, sizes and disabilities.

With effective leadership and teamwork Nordstrom and De Marcus can take advantage of this great opportunity. Nordstrom is a great leader in the industry and has positively impacted the world. Together we will continue to bring value to the world and make a difference.

The company intends to market its line as an alternative to existing clothing lines and differentiate itself through its marketing strategies, social media, exclusiveness, PR and brand awareness. De Marcus intends to build on its core portfolio of products and overcome any obstacles by using the company's expertise in the clothing industry.